Tissue Culture Lab

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The Tissue Culture Unit produces large amounts of cells (classically over 2 billion cells) to support screening activities. Utilizing 640 ft2 of laboratory space, it is articulated around HEPA-filtered laminar air flow biosafety cabinets, which allow multiple cell biologists to work safely at the same time. For HTS cell production and scale-up, cell biologists are assisted in their repetitive tasks by automated reagent dispensing units. Plates and tubes can be centrifuged by dedicated centrifuges. Cell cultures are monitored with inverted phase-contrast microscopes with fluorescence capability. Cell culture flasks and plates are stored in humidity/temperature/CO2-controlled, dual chamber, self-sterilizing incubators. Reagents are stored in 4°C refrigerators and -20°C or -80°C dual chamber freezers. Dedicated 37°C and 25ºC water baths and Millipore Ultrapure water production units are also available for cell culture. Our facility hosts a large variety of commonly used mammalian cell lines as well as insect cells, both adherent and non-adherent. Depending on the needs, cells are maintained in regular flasks, high-density flasks, roller bottles or bags.