HTS Campaigns

The High-Throughput Molecular Screening Center has set-up a state-of-the art HTS operation to support UF Scripps’ intramural HTS efforts and has expertise in adapting biological and biochemical bench-top assays into high-throughput screens.

This centralized HTS facility supports early-stage drug discovery efforts of industrial and academic collaborators. The facility is anchored by two fully automated robotic screening platforms; one to support 1536-well based HTS efforts and the other to manage UF Scripps’ small-molecule compound collection. Additionally, the facility has the laboratory equipment and staff expertise to facilitate upstream HTS assay development and downstream hit validation efforts.

The High-Throughput Molecular Screening Center has screened a large variety of targets using numerous different detection technologies and assay formats. A breakdown of public domain HTS campaign types by category can be found in the specific charts below.

HTS Campaign - Target Classes

HTS Campaigns - Assay Types

HTS Campaigns - HTS Class

HTS Campaigns - Cell Lines