High-Throughput Molecular Screening Center Selected News

Below please find all selected media related to the High-Throughput Molecular Screening Center and its scientific staff.  If an article is available for viewing online, clicking on the article name for the relevant article will direct you to the appropriate viewing website.

June, 2024
ArrowUF Health Newsletter. Marking One Year as an NCI-Designated Cancer Center

March, 2024
ArrowSLAS Publications. Exploring the Next Big Frontier in Microphysiological Systems

December, 2023
ArrowUF President Dr. Ben Sasse stops by the UF Scripps Molecular Screening Center for a tour. Go Gators!

December, 2023
ArrowSLAS Publications. SLAS Journals’ Protocol Articles: A Recipe for Reproducibility

July, 2023
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post. How do you attack brain cancer? A world-class lab in Jupiter is trying something innovative.

February, 2023
ArrowFeaturing: The Hebert Wertheim UF Scripps Institute High-Throughput Molecular Screening Center publishes 3 of the top 10 SLAS Discovery articles in 2022 Announcing the SLAS Discovery Editor’s Top 10 for 2022

July, 2022
ArrowSLAS Discovery Author Insights Behind the Scenes at SLAS Europe: Special Interview with Timothy Spicer

May, 2022
ArrowUF Health UF Scripps Scientists to Receive $15 Million to Help Fight Current and Future Pandemics

March, 2022
ArrowGathering for Open Science Hardware Open-source orbital shaker manuscript mentioned in March 2022 Community Newsletter

December 21, 2021
ArrowSLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood Scientific Publishing for All: SLAS Journals Move to Open Access

September 21, 2021
ArrowNew Frontiers in 3D Is Drug Screening in 3D Ready for Automation?

September 17, 2021
ArrowRSK Life Science Media #ChatsWithChaudrhey with Tim Spicer (Scripps Research) & Sinead Knight (Signature Discovery) on 3D Biology.

August 9, 2021
ArrowNews Medical Life Sciences Scientists identify calpeptin as potential inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2.

May 27, 2021
ArrowScripps Research A new indication of success: FDA approves ozanimod for ulcerative colitis.

November 25, 2020
ArrowSociety for Laboratory Automation and Screening, December’s SLAS Discovery Special Issue Featuring COVID-19 Drug Targeting
“Drug Discovery Targeting COVID-19” is a special collection assembled by Associate Editor Timothy Spicer (Scripps, FL, USA) focusing on drug discovery efforts toward the resolution of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The issue features seven full research articles available via unlimited SAGE Open Access and is accompanied by a special SLAS Discovery on-demand webinar and SLAS Discovery Author Insights podcast episode.

SLAS Discovery December 2020 Cover

November 16, 2020
ArrowSociety for Laboratory Automation and Screening, Covid-19 Special Issues Webinar – SLAS Discovery

July 16, 2020
ArrowGA International, Research Spotlight: Pierre Baillargeon, Scripps Research

June 8, 2020
ArrowScripps Research – New drug, Ozanimod, transforms the future for people with MS

April 6, 2020
ArrowScripps Research – Using robotics to rapidly screen for COVID-19 medicines

March 26, 2020
ArrowThe San Diego Union-Tribune, “Multiple sclerosis drug invented by Scripps Research in La Jolla gains FDA approval”

March 24, 2020
ArrowPalm Beach Post, “Coronavirus Florida: Meet the Jupiter scientists on the front lines of finding a vaccine”

March 13, 2020
ArrowBay News 9, “Florida Scientists Work Urgently to Develop Vaccine for COVID-19”

January 20, 2020
ArrowSociety for Laboratory Automation and Screening, “Crimmin, Hoffman and Spicer Step Up to the SLAS Board of Directors”

October 7, 2019
ArrowScripps Research – Ph.D. Pathways: Lynn Deng

September 23, 2019
ArrowSelectScience, “Ultra-high-throughput screening (uHTS): How scientists at Scripps Research target global medical breakthroughs”

August 20, 2019
ArrowLead Identification R33 NCI IMAT award featured in NCI IMAT program outreach video.

July 29, 2019
ArrowAutomating Cell-Based Assays, “Biocompare – Future Lab”

December 10, 2018
ArrowAdvanced Development of Primary Pancreatic Organoid Tumor Models for High-Throughput Phenotypic Drug Screening selected as top 5 article from SLAS Discovery in 2018,“SAGE Publishing”

May 29, 2018
ArrowBiomedical Picture of the Day, “Miniature Model Tumors”

May 14, 2018
ArrowScienceDaily, “Tumor-like Spheres Help Scientists Discover Smarter Cancer Drugs”

April 23, 2018
ArrowBusinessWire, “Magnetic 3D Cell Culture Products from Greiner Bio-One Validated for Use as an Ex Vivo Pancreatic Tumor Model for High Throughput Cancer Drug Screening”

April 20, 2018
ArrowEurekAlert!, “Primary pancreatic organoid tumor models for high-throughput phenotypic drug screening”

April 20, 2018
ArrowSLAS News, “Advanced Development of Primary Pancreatic Organoid Tumor Models for High-Throughput Phenotypic Drug Screening”

April 16, 2018
ArrowNewswise, “Advanced Development of Primary Pancreatic Organoid Tumor Models for High-Throughput Phenotypic Drug Screening”

December 27, 2017
ArrowSLAS 2018 Tony B. Academic Travel Award Winners, “Shurong Hou and Banu Priya Sridharan receive SLAS 2018 Tony B. Academic Travel Award”

November 28, 2017
ArrowSLAS 2018 Presenter Video Previews, “Drug Discovery is entwined with laboratory automation”

November 27, 2017
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Ozanimod Successful in Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis”

November 13, 2017
ArrowThe San Diego Union-Tribune, “MS drug from Scripps Research completes advanced human testing”

October 2, 2017
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Scripps Florida Scientist Awarded $2.5 Million Collaborative Grant to Develop New Diabetes Treatment”

July 27, 2017
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Scripps Florida Scientists Awarded $2 Million to Develop ‘Industrial Level’ Screening for Treatments of Autism-Related Intellectual Disability”

July 7, 2017
ArrowSouth Florida Business Journal, “Scripps Research Institute receives $2M grant”

April 7, 2017
ArrowScience, “Adding a depth to cell culture”

September 16, 2016
ArrowGreiner Bio-One, “Greiner Bio-One Sponsors Collaboration Involving Emerging Molecular Analysis Technologies for Cancer Research”

August 1, 2016
ArrowScripps News & Views , “Team Finds Potential Drug Candidates that Could Intervene in Deadly Diseases”

June 6, 2016
ArrowSociety for Laboratory Automation and Screening , “Combating Central Nervous System Disorders with Novel Screening Approaches, Collaborations”

November 18, 2015
ArrowGenetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, “Novel Therapeutics Show Promise for Treating Persistent Tuberculosis”

November 9, 2015
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Making Plans: Scripps Florida Screening Center Expands Its Collaborations”

July 14, 2015
ArrowNew York Times, “Celegene Agrees to $7.2 Billion Deal for Receptos”

April 9, 2015
ArrowEurekAlert!, “Scientists awarded $1.2 million to find drug candidates to treat wide range of cancers”

November 24, 2014
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Physician-Scientist Shares His Journey to Help Those with Autoimmune Diseases”

November 3, 2014
ArrowScripps News & Views, “New Clinical Trial Data: MS Drug Candidate Also Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis”

September 22, 2014
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Toward a New Drug for Multiple Sclerosis”

September 15, 2014
ArrowScripps News & Views, “TSRI Screening Center Helps Advance Drug Candidate to Clinical Trials”

December 16, 2013
ArrowScripps News & Views – In Brief, “Multiple Sclerosis Drug Discovered at TSRI Advances to Phase 3 Trials”

July 29, 2013
ArrowScripps News & Views – In Brief, “Peter Hodder to Co-Lead Study to Find New Cancer Drugs”

April 3, 2013
ArrowScripps News Release, “Scripps Research Institute Scientists Identify First Potentially Effective Therapy for Human Prion Disease”

March 14, 2013
ArrowFierceBiotechResearch, “Scripps, Takeda Renew Pact to Find CNS Treatments”

March 13, 2013
ArrowGenetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, “Takeda Expands Envoy-Scripps Collaboration”

March 13, 2013
ArrowSouth Florida Business Journal, “Scripps Expands Partnership with Pharmaceutical Firm”

March 13, 2013
ArrowFierceBiotech, “Takeda Taps Scripps as the Pharma Extends Early-Stage Pipeline”

March 13, 2013
ArrowScripps News Release, “Scripps Research Institute and Takeda Pharmaceuticals Announce Expanded Research Collaboration”

February 26, 2013
ArrowSouth Florida Sun Sentinel, “Biotech Deals Growing at Faster Pace in Florida”

January 28, 2013
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Grant Funds Development of Drug Candidates for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neurodegenerative Disorders”

December 21, 2012
ArrowSLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood, “Academic and Corporate Laboratory Collaboration: Right Move in High-Throughput Screening and Early Drug Discovery?”

December 17, 2012
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Letter from the President”

December 9, 2012
ArrowSouth Florida Sun Sentinel, “Scripps Establishes Biotech Advances at Jupiter Campus”

October 22, 2012
ArrowReceptos Press Release, “Receptos Doses First Patient in Phase 2/3 Trial for RPC1063 in Multiple Sclerosis”

October 1, 2012
ArrowGenetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, “Automation Redefines Compound Management”

September 25, 2012
ArrowBrooks Life Science Systems Press Release, “Brooks Life Science Systems Launch the Plate Auditor™ for Automated Compound Quality Control”

September 10, 2012
San Diego Biotechnology Connection, “Scientist Interested in Alzheimer’s gets $325K to Study Synaptic Messenger Protein”

July 5, 2012
ArrowFlorida Weekly, “Funding Innovation”

June 25, 2012
ArrowHealth Canal, “New Hope for Blocking Malaria Transmission”

March 1, 2012
ArrowDrug Discovery News, “A Hot Microplate”

February 17, 2012
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post, “Scripps Cuts Deal for Invention to Help Organize Raw Materials for $10M Robot”

February 9, 2012, “Scripps Research, Brooks Partner to Develop and Commercialize Plate Auditor”

February 8, 2012
ArrowScripps News Release, “Scripps Research Licenses New Instrumentation Platform That Dramatically Improves Compound Management”

February 7, 2012
ArrowGenetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, “Brooks Life Science, Scripps Research to Work on Microplate Imaging System”

February 7, 2012
ArrowBrooks Automation Press Releases, “Brooks Life Science Systems and The Scripps Research Institute Initiate Partnership”

January 23, 2012
ArrowEnvoy Therapeutics: Latest News, “Envoy’s Compounds Reverse Catalepsy in Two Parkinson’s Disease Animal Models”

January 9, 2012
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Pair of Grants Funds Study of Critical Component of Memory”

August 1, 2011
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Center Takes on Challenge of Early Drug Discovery”

June 23, 2011
ArrowFlorida Weekly, “Five Projects at Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter Create Buzz About Potential Breakthroughs”

April 2011
ArrowDrug Discovery News, “Finding Potential Cures in the ‘Public Library’”

March 24, 2011
ArrowSBS 2011 Instrument Flyer, High-Resolution Image Acquisition and Processing Instrument (HIAPI)

March 21, 2011
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Scripps Research and MIT Scientists Discover Class of Potent Anti-Cancer Compounds”

March 14, 2011
ArrowChemical & Engineering News, “Spin-Offs: Meet the Structure Specialists”

March 7, 2011
ArrowEurekAlert!, “Scripps Research and MIT Scientists Discover Class of Potent Anti-Cancer Compounds”

January 28, 2011
ArrowMLP News & Events, “Press Release on S1P Multiple Sclerosis”

January 27, 2011
ArrowBusiness Wire, “Receptos Initiates Clinical Trials for S1P1 Agonist Program, Aimed at Multiple Sclerosis”

October 2010
ArrowNature Methods, “Academic Screening Goes High-Throughput”

September 9, 2010
ArrowLab Manager Magazine, “ASK THE EXPERT: Setting Up a Cell Culture Laboratory”

September 2010
ArrowDrug Discovery News, “Jumping into the Game”

August 16, 2010
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Etcetera: Senator George LeMieux Visits Scripps Florida”

August 2010
ArrowSBS News, “Join Us in Orlando for SBS’ 17th Annual Conference & Exhibition”

June 15, 2010
ArrowGenetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), “Ion Channels Open Doors to New Drugs: Increased R&D Efforts are Overcoming Obstacles and Showing Potential”

February 1, 2010
ArrowTecan Journal, “Scripps Compound Management Operations Rely on REMP Flexible Storage Technology”

February 22, 2009
The Palm Beach Post, “The Scripps Research Institute at Scripps Florida Grand Opening: Feb. 26-28”

October 27, 2008
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Scripps Florida Receives Innovation and Entrepreneurialism Award

September 9, 2008
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post, “Signs of Scripps health” (archived $)

September 8, 2008
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Scripps Research Receives Record Federal Grant of More than $80 Million to Screen Molecules for Possible New Drug Development”

September 2, 2008
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post, “Scripps to Get $80 Million for Robotics Drug Program” (archived $)

September 2, 2008
ArrowSan Diego Union Tribune, “Scripps Gets $80 Million Grant”

September 1, 2008
ArrowFlorida Trend, “Florida’s Turning Points Since 1958”

July 14, 2008
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Bi-Coastal Collaboration Uncovers Novel Activators of Key Cell Receptors”

August 1, 2007
ArrowNature Chemical Biology, “Scripps Florida”

December 4, 2006
ArrowScripps News & Views, “Scripps Research and Pfizer Enter Five-Year, $100 Million Collaboration”

December 4, 2006
ArrowScience & Technology, “Scripps Takes a New Approach”

June 10, 2006
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post, “Nobel Prize Winner Visits Scripps Florida” (archived $)

May 12, 2006
ArrowDrug Discovery & Development, “The Assay Validation Challenge”

April 7, 2006
ArrowDrug Discovery & Development, “The Assay Development Challenge”

April 1, 2006
ArrowFlorida Trend, “Following Scripps”

January 30, 2006
ArrowScripps News & Views, “New Technologies, New Collaborations”

January 29, 2006
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post, “Robot Propels Scripps Scientists’ Research” (archived $)

January 21, 2006
ArrowSouth Florida Sun Sentinel, “Robot Steals Scripps Spotlight ‘Milestone’ Gives Science Edge Over Sites” (archived $)

December 11, 2005
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post, “Scripps Fever Contagious” (archived $)

September 19, 2005
ArrowSouth Florida Sun Sentinel, “Making room for Scripps robot” (archived $)

September 18, 2005
ArrowSouth Florida Sun Sentinel, “Scripps Club Courts Execs Business Leaders Give Thousands” (archived $)

August 4, 2005
ArrowDrug Discovery & Development, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Automated Screening”

June 20, 2005
ArrowScripps News & Views, “NIH Awards $10.4 Million to Scripps Research in La Jolla and Palm Beach County”

June 16, 2005
ArrowThe Palm Beach Post, “Scripps Awarded 14 Million U.S. Grant” (archived $)

April 1, 2005
ArrowSouth Florida Sun Sentinel, “Robotics Expert Likes Scripps’ Pitch”

March 18, 2005
ArrowSouth Florida Business Journal, “Temporary Scripps lab a Mecca for Science”