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The High-Throughput Molecular Screening Center encompasses a microbiology laboratory which is capable of handling bacterial pathogens up to and including Biosafety Level 2, contained within 275ft2 of lab space. The lab is fully equipped with standard items for microbial and molecular biology including Class II hoods, refrigerators and freezer storage, bulk reagent dispensing, microplate reading and is even capable of HTS screening BSL-2 organisms in 1536-well microplates. Temperature controlled and humidified shaker incubators are located within the facility, allowing for large scale culture or plate based growth. For molecular research PCR machines and post-PCR equipment is available allowing for cloning and expression work to be done. For large scale protein purification we have an Akta FPLC installed inside a double glass door refrigerator. Time kill and bacteria kinetic assays are facilitated by Spiral Biotech spiral platers and Qcount imaging colony counters. In addition, all of our microbiology efforts conform to the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) methods for all antibacterial experiments which include MIC determination, phenotypic characterization, time kill and checkerboard synergy assays. We have cutting edge imaging apparatus to allow visual inspection of membrane active compounds and have implemented one of the most advanced and sensitive methods for the early detection of anti-proliferative effects by inhibitors.